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Bridging the gap between school leavers and young professionals

Finding (and keeping) diverse, young talent is hard and costly

The University Problem

Tech Workshops

The average debt for a UK graduate is £50,000 making universities only available to a narrow band of society.

There is no link between University courses and the Job Market. As such, for 2021/22 only 42% of graduates gained a graduate level job in the UK.

The Company Hiring Problem

IT Certifications

Companies want to hire young talent but are not set up to confidently source and select diverse young talent. 


In-House onboarding, training and support is not available to transition from student to young professional.


This lack of preparation and on-going support leads to high attition: 

50% of young talent/apprentices will drop out in year 1 

Unlock exclusive access

Welcome to our talent showcase, where top student profiles await your perusal. Dive into a diverse pool of skilled individuals ready to enrich your team. Password in hand, clients granted access can browse freely, selecting the perfect fit for their needs and initiating inquiries with ease. Your next exceptional hire is just a click away.

We provide an assured supply of high performance, diverse young talent for your Future Leadership

Career Building

Carefully Select

We partner with Academies and Trusts across the country to carefully source the right talent for your organisation. 

Technology Certification

Train and Mentor

Over 12 weeks, we teach essential work-ready, career-ready, apprenticeship-ready skills. In parallel, our training brings recognised certification. 

Diversity in Tech

On-going Mentoring

When you start your new job, we stay with you for 2 years offering technical, professional and personal support. This is not just a job – it is the first step in a career.

Future-Ready Training

Why diversity is important

Diversity fosters innovation and growth. It brings fresh perspectives, spurs creativity, and enhances problem solving. Our program provides access to diverse talent, helping you build high-performance teams and unlock a world of opportunities in a global market. Embrace diversity for a brighter future.

Regional Implications

Regional diversity matters. Our graduates bring unique perspectives and skills, enriching your workforce and positioning your organization for success in local and global markets. Explore the regional benefits of diverse talent and stay competitive.

Work-Ready Skills
Data Analysis Workshop

Over-looked Talent Pools

Don't miss out on untapped potential. We identify and nurture talent from underrepresented backgrounds, giving you access to hidden gems ready to shine in your organization. Diverse talent is all around; we help you discover it.

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Have questions or ready to explore how we can help you? Contact us for inquiries, consultations, or to connect with our team.

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